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Yuanda E-House includes 6 product systems, which are suitable for climates of different regions at domestic and abroad, and meet the demands of different customers, and covers all the market. Yuanda can provide the whole process services of purchase, design, production, transportation, installation and after-sales maintenance etc.


Container House System

This system is steel structure building, each building unit is a standard container meeting the...


Modular Panel Building System

The building is mainly built by Yuanda intelligent composite panels. The original composite...


Steel Structure Modular Building System

This building system is steel structure building, steel fame forms standard modular unit, and...

Manufacturing and Installation

By optimizing the joint structure of the components and the installation process, according to different climatic and geological conditions and construction conditions, the standardized design of the installation plan can achieve the purpose of ensuring the installation quality, simplifying the installation procedure, reducing the installation difficulty and shortening the installation cycle; ensuring high customer satisfaction. Industrial products with quality and high uniformity guarantee the successful launch of future products to the market.

Product Advantage

Yuanda intelligent modular industrial residential products from the creative to the project, always implement the market demand-oriented, to achieve customer value as the fundamental principle, through a large number of market research and evaluation, mastered the new rural areas represented by the new construction Low-rise assembled residential products have requirements in terms of performance, function, aesthetics, construction and price, and have pointed out the direction for the development of differentiated products for different climate and geological conditions and different application needs in different regions.

Green Environmental

Excellent thermal insulation performance, reduced energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction, the main materials can be recycled and reused.

High Cost Performance

The full play of the material properties makes the product materials more economical, higher performance and easier to construct.

Short Construction Period

Modular installation, simple construction facilities, no influence from seasons and workers' skills, short construction period and good installation quality.

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Super Composite Wall
1/2 wall thickness
increased by 10% space

3 Times

Super Thermal Insulation
3 times thermal insulation
4-degree indoor temperature rise

7 Days

Super Fast Installation
7 days site installation
25% construction cost

Super Stable Seismic Structure
8 degree seismic intensity
100 percent life safety

8 Degree
50 Years

Long and Durable
10 years of quality assurance
50 years of after-sales maintenance


Super Light Wall
10% wall weight
50% foundation cost

Super Building Water Saving
Water saving rate up to 90% in the same
building area


Super Small Construction Waste
Building waste is only 20% of traditional


High Product Rrecovery
4 times more than traditional buildings,
real energy saving and environmental

Customized Service
Meet the needs of high-end customers
for personalization and customization


Super Choices
100 house types
1000 kinds of matching plan


Super High Rate of Prefabrication
100% factory prefabrication
100% quality assurance

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